Monday, February 16, 2015

Outfits of the Week: 2/9/15-2/13/15

Happy belated Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed the day with your loved ones. I know I did! A post will come all about my Valentine's Day soon. Here is another Outfits of the Week post! I enjoy doing these. That's why recently I have been posting these every week. Many more to come! Let's get started!

Monday: 2/9/15

  • I braided my bangs and clipped them back. I put the rest of my hair in a ponytail today.
  • I wore this romper that has this dark pattern on it. The romper is from Tilly's.
  • My bralet is from Free People.
  • My tan-colored, knee-length, long-sleeved sweater is from Windsor.
  • For shoes, I'm wearing my white converse.

Tuesday: 2/10/15

  • I put my hair up in a bun for this day.
  • My white blouse is from Tilly's.
  • My black leather jacket is from Zara.
  • My ripped black jeans are from Black Orchid Denim.
  • My brown booties are from Steve Madden.

Wednesday: 2/11/15

  • My hair was down and natural.
  • I wore a cropped black bralet type thing from Nastygal. 
  • I wore a bright red skirt from Windsor.
  • For shoes, I wore my black booties from Forever 21.

Thursday: 2/12/15

  •  For this day, I straightened my hair. 
  • I wore a black razor-back tank top from Target.
  • My flannel is from Forever 21.
  • My ripped jeans are American Eagle and since it was a little bit hot today, I folded up the bottoms of my jeans.
  • For shoes, I wore my black Converse. 

Friday: 2/13/15

  • For this day, my hair was straight from the day before, but I touched up a few pieces. Then I pinned front pieces on the back of my head and clipped them with a red bow which was from Target.
  • Black-and-White Stripped Dress is from ASOS.
  • Statement Necklace is from Capwell + Co
  • Black Braided Sandals are from Forever 21
That's basically what I wore last week. On Wednesday, I will post a "Get Ready With Me: Valentine's Day Edition!" So look out for that! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. :) See you guys later!

Xoxo, Ruby

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