Saturday, February 14, 2015

What's In My School Bag?

Hey, guys! This is going to be my "What's in my School Backpack?" post. I love watching these types of videos on YouTube that way I can get inspiration for things to put in my own backpack. Let's get started!

My backpack has 4 pockets. So in the first pocket, I have my deodorant which is the Secret Deodorant in Hawaii Citrus Breeze and its 48 hour protection. I love Secret. Its the best brand ever and it really works!! Next, in the same pocket I have part of a key chain from when I went to the Grand Canyon with my family. Lastly, I have a pad of post-it notes because I always need some.

In the next pocket I have my calculator from Target and its just a sparkly purple one. Then I have my lock from my PE locker from when I was in middle school because we had to use our own locks and the last thing in that is my keys. On my keys I have: the key to the lock, my house key, and the key to my journal. I, also, keep my phone in there when I'm at school.

In the next pocket I keep my lunch and sometimes on Mondays, my clothes that I wear in PE when I bring them back to school after being washed.

In the last pocket, I have my binder which is from Target, I have my Five Star Expanding File from Target which is my homework folder, but right now its just filled with binder paper. I have my math and science notebook and I have my workbook for science. In this pocket there is another maller one inside and in that one I have my planner which is from Target, this book that we are reading in English right now, and another book which we read last semester, but I forgot to turn it into the library before we left for Christmas break.

That's all I have in my school bag. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I'll talk to you guys later.

Xoxo, Ruby

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