Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mini MAC Haul: Heavenly Creature Collection

Today I wanted to show you a mini "blog haul" of 3 items I picked up from MAC recently. Their collection, Heavenly Creature, was calling my name. I'm not typically one to buy from of obsess over their limited edition collections, simply because there are too many to keep up with! This one though, I knew wanted I wanted a few things from. Let's get into the haul!

Heavenly Creature is a collection filled with gorgeous mineralized products. These are known to suck me in! The first thing I purchased was the Mineralize Skinfinsh in 'Star Wonder'. This is a beautiful product, swirled with peachy, golden, and pink tones. It swatches very well too, and has great pigmentation.

Next, I picked out a blush from the collection. I was swatching every product from the collection on my hand and had to wipe it off multiple times in the store before making my selection! (lol, this is the sign of an obessed makeup hoarder). I went with my favorite swatch, and that was the Mineralize Blush in 'Solar Ray' - a shimmering peach swirled with orange tones.

Lastly, I chose from an amazing selection of 9 Mineralize Eyeshadows - the ones from this collection are highly pigmented and the best MAC has done in a while, in my opinion. I once again went through the swatch-then-wipe-then-repeat ritual, and settled on 'Magnetic Attraction'. As for how these products   appear on the skin, this is my favorite thing I purchased.

That's all I picked up! I'm so happy with my choices! :)

Thanks for reading loves! Have a fabulous week.


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