Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sigma Beauty Brow Design Kit: Review

Today I will be reviewing for you a product- the Sigma Beauty Brow Expert Brow Design Kit- that's a mouthful!

In a nutshell, this kit has absolutely everything that any girl needs for her brows. It features a total of 20 (yes, TWENTY) products to guarantee you get perfect brows.

The top of the palette holds your tools to shape and groom your brows. You get a pair of little scissors, an amazing pair of tweezers (they are my new fav), and 3 brow stencils if you are trying to shape your brows perfectly. The stencils come in 3 sizes- small, medium, and large.

The bottom of the palette has the fun stuff- 2 brow highlighting pencils, 2 basic brow pencils, a sharpener for those, 5 shadows to fill in any brow color, a clear brow gel, a tinted brow gel, and a dual brow brush with a spoolie on one end (E8o) and a small angled brush (E75) on the other end, perfect for filling in the brows.

The 5 brow colors are Bella, Chloe, Scarlett, Natasha, and Valentina. The 2 highlighting pencil colors are Matte and Shimmer. The colors of the brow pencils are Medium and Dark. The color of the brow gel is Tinted.

The kit also comes with a dual ended brush. One end is a spoolie to comb through brows before or after doing them (E8o), and the other end is a small angled brush to be used with the shadows for filling in the brows (E75). I love that this brush is 2-in-1 because I find it's exactly the 2 brushes I would need anyway, so having a small version of both that fits inside the kit is perfect.

Let's not forget about our tools! There are the 3 brow stencils, tweezers, and brow scissors. Can I also say how much I adore the magenta color of the tools? Too cute.

What more could you ask for in a brow kit? This gives you everything, and fits every hair color, making it a universal product. I am in love- I use this everyday now and it's just what I needed. I was seriously lacking in the brow department before this- I literally did nothing to them.

That's it for today! Thanks for reading :)


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