Thursday, April 30, 2015

Outfit of the Night: Birthday

First of all, sorry for our lack of blog posts lately! We've had so much to do. We've been busy bees. I'm more than excited to share with you a new outfit post. I just home yesterday from my week long vacation in Los Angles. We had spring break. Anyway, on Friday night we went out to dinner for my cousin's son's 7-month birthday and being me, I used that as an excuse to get all dressed up.

My dress is from American Eagle. Since it's low-cut in the front and on the sides, I'm also wearing a light pink bandeau from Nordstrom Rack. They have them in every color and they're under $5.

My shoes were a new purchase from Old Navy. They were SUCH a bargain. I found them in the clearance section for $12-what?! Yeah- that's why I love Old Navy. They also have them online on sale for $15. If you're curious about my toe color, it is Essie 'Bikini So Teeny'. :)

My bag is by Urban Expressions and lastly, I had to do some major arm candy! My brown wrap bracelet is from Jewelmint, the other three are all from Brandy Melville, and my watch is Michael Kors.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy these outfit posts! Let me know in the comments below if you want to see more of these. These are my favorite posts to do. :)


Monday, April 13, 2015

Outfits of the Week: 4/6-4/10

Today I will be sharing with you what I wore last week. It was cold but still warm enough to wear shorts, skirts, etc.

My sun-flowered dress is from Urban Outfitters. My fedora is from Urban Outfitters and my shoes were black Converse.

My halter top was from Brandy Melville. My skirt is from Nordstrom. My booties were from Jeffery Cambbell and my denim jacket was from Topshop.

My romper is from Topshop and my sandals were from Steve Madden.

My halter top and my shorts were from American Apparel. My mint colored bralette is from Free People and my shoes were Vans.

My black and white top was from Topshop. My shorts were from American Apparel and my shoes were white Converse.

Comment below if you want a "What's on my Iphone?". It can be either be from me or my sister, Ruby. We basically have the same apps and our set up is basically the same, too. Comment below if you want that post.

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Outfits of the Week: 3/30-4/2

Today I will be sharing with you what I wore last week. We had a 4 day week last week so that means there will only be 4 outfits. Let's get into it!

My yellow off-the-shoulder top was borrowed from my older sister, but I know that she bought it from Forever 21. My bralette is from Free People. My long necklace is from Jewelmint. My flowly, floral pants are from Jac Vanek and my sanals are from Steve Madden.

My dress was from Brandy Melville. My bralet was from Free People and I wore booty shorts underneath the dress because it is pretty short. My necklace was from Jewelmint. I wore a cardigan from Urban Outfitters over it and some maroon booties from Steve Madden to add a pop of color to my neutral outfit.

I wore a bright-colored top from MinkPink. I wore some high-waisted acid wash denimin shorts from American Apparel. My tennis shoes were from Urban Outfitters.

I wore a maxi skirt from Akira. I wore a simple gray crop top from Topshop. I wore a bralette underneath from Free People. My sandals were Sam Edelman.

Like I said I had only 4 days of school this week which mean't I had only 4 oufits for this week. My sister will be posting her Outfits of the Week next week. Hers will be of what she wore this week. Make sure you guys look out for that. We post something in between now and then so make sure you guys look out for those.

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ulta Haul

Today I have a haul from Ulta for you! I went to Ulta about 2 weekends ago and picked up lots of new goodies, especially nail polishes. I couldn't resist - it's an addiction. Overall, I bought the following things: nail polishes, mascara, and more.

The first nail polishes that I picked up were China Glaze 'Peachy Keen', Essie 'Bikini So Teeny', OPI 'Significant Other Color', OPI 'Nothin' Mousie Bout It', and OPI 'The Flowers are Blue-ming'.

I also purchased the OPI Spiderman Collectiong 4-pack which includes four mini polishes from the collection. Those colors are 'Into the Night', 'Just Spotted the Lizard', 'Your Web or Mine?', and 'Number One Nemsis'.

The next thing (after nail polish) that I purchased was a concealer and it is the Benefit Erase Paste. I got the number 2 in Medium because that's my shade.

Next I picked up a mascara and it is the Maybelline Mega Plush. The day after I got I took it out of it's packaging and started using. I could not resist. I really like it. But I haven't decided whether its one of my new favorite masacaras yet. Maybe a few more uses and then we will see.

That's it for this post! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. :)


Friday, April 3, 2015

Nail of the Day: OPI Red My Fortune Cookie

Hi, guys! The last time I did this type of post was back in February. My sister and I change our nail polish a lot, but I had a gel manicure and we all know how long those last. Anyways, today's nail of the  day is 'Red My Fortune Cookie' by OPI. I had the urge to paint my nails red, so I chose this color because it's a bright stand-out red.

I usually only paint my nails red like if it's Christmas time or the 4th of July or if it's for a wedding, but after re-discovering this color in my collection, I think I'll be sporting red a lot more often. I love the orange tones in it because it makes the red more bright and suitable for this time of year, compared to deeper true reds that make me think of fall and Christmas. 'Red My Fortune Cookie' is the perfect red for the spring/summer time.

I applied two coats to my nails and it was perfectly opaque. It went on extremely well and I had not problems with the formula. I would highly recommend this polish! I'm happy to annouce that this is definitely my new favorite red. 'Red My Fortune Cookie' retails for about $8.50 and can be found at Ulta, probably Target, and wherever OPI is sold. Now my nails are ready for spring and summer!

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sigma Beauty Performance Eyes Kit: Review

Hi, guys! I am so sorry for not posting on Monday. A lot of my teachers have been throwing work at us students this week, so I have been busy. Anyways, let's get into the review.

I am utterly obsessed with Sigma makeup brushes. I can't get enough - I own practically every individual brush as well as multiple brush sets. I have said it many times to friends and family, but Sigma is a company I strongly believe in because of their excellent customer service, high quality brushes, and reasonable prices. Anyway, I have been lusting over their Performance Eyes Kit for months now, and I am happy to say I am the proud owner of it. :)

This kit contains 8 eye brushes that each have a specific function - from basic shading, to tightlining and waterlining, this has it all. If you're looking to create a detailed full eye look or simply want a kit with every brush you could possibly need for the eyes, this is the product for you.

To give you a better idea of everything this kit includes, I'll list each individual brush and it's function.

E56 - Shader - Lid
E36 - Blending
E21 - Smudge (Upper and lower lashline)
E46 - Shader - Inner Corner
E47 - Shader - Crease
E17 - Waterling Liner (Area between your eye and lower lashline)
E16 - Tightline Liner (Area between your eye and upper lashline)
E11 - Eye Liner (Small so application is precise)

So, what are my thoughts on these brushes? Love, love, LOVE. Sometimes my basic brushes just don't do it for me when I want to create a complete look, and this kit gives you everything you need. Before these, I feel like my eye brushes collection was about 90% complete - I had all the basics, but was lacking the detailed and precise brushes. Now I feel like I have every eye brush I could EVER need!

The quality of them is awesome, as I would expect from Sigma. I am not disappointed with any of the brushes and I have been absolutely loving incorporating them into my makeup routine lately.

Now for a annoucement. My sister, Rani, has decided to not be a part of this blog since she is in college now. She can get very busy sometimes. My other sister, Ruby, and I have decided that we will post whenever we want to because sometimes we can get so busy that we can't post anything. So, we thought it would be better to post when ever we can. We will be making more decisions on how to run this blog and we will let you guys know. We might even create a whole post about the decisions we make that way we don't make another post so long.

Thanks for reading and let us know in the comments if you want more reviews like this! :)