Monday, May 11, 2015

Nail of the Day: Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

It's time for another Nail of the Day! Today I'm wearing one of my favorites blues, 'Pacific Blue' by Sally Hansen. I bought this color last summer after hearing many YouTubers rave about it. I agree with the hype! I am obsessed with this polish and it's definitely an all-time favorite for me. I think the brightness of it is perfect for summer. At under $3, you really have nothing to lose by picking it up.

I must say, for the cheap price tag, the Hard as Nails polishes I've tried have all impressed me with this quality. They're smooth, shiny, and quick to apply. I had no problems with this one! I did two coats, however some of my nails were opaque with just one. I can't express my love for this color. It's a very stand-out polish. I got a ton of questions at school today about what color it is. That's a sign it's a good one. :)

Have you tried out this color? If not, I can't recommend it enough. It, again, retails for very cheap, under $3 at most places, and can be found at drugstores and maybe grocery stores as well.

Have a great day loves, and thanks for stopping by. :)


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