Monday, May 25, 2015

Summer Haul! VS, F21, & More!

Today I have a haul for you guys! I went shopping recently and I have a ton of clothing items, shoes and more to show you. Ruby will be posting her summer haul soon so look out for that. Let's get into the haul!

First I got 3 of those jackets that have the half zipper at the top. My first one is in ths sea-green type of color. My next is one is gray and my last one is also gray, but it has pink on the sides like in the rib area. Next, I got these tank tops that are the same style but different colors. My first tank top is gray at the top and black on the bottom. My next one is blue at the top and gray at the bottom. I got this razor-back tank top that says 'Always Running Late' which is true if you know me.

Charlotte Russe:
I got this Mint Geometric Lace Skater dress and its this really cool pattern with squares and trapzoids and triangles. I bought this White Combo Clinched-Back-Striped Skater dress. Next I got a pair of Acid  Wash Denim Shorts. My next thing is some Gold Tinted Metal Aviator Sunglasses. I also got a Wide Brim Floppy hat. I got a Blue Combo High-Waisted Tie-Dye Maxi skirt.

Forever 21:
I got a Crochet Trim Peasent Romper. I got halter top that has a paisley print on the front. I got a pair of Metallic Knotted sandals. I bought a classic crop top that's a baby blue color. I bought a pizza party graphic tank top that says 'Ain't No Party like a Pizza Party'. I also bought a striped faux leather-trimmed tote which will be amazing for the beach, traveling, etc.

I bought this white lacy off-the-shoulder top. I got this gray crop top. I got a pair of white boyfriend jeans. Lastly, I got a cropped sweatshirt.

Thank you for reading this! I hope you enjoyed! :)


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