Sunday, August 16, 2015

School Supplies Haul! (Neena)

Hi, guys! Today I have my School Supplies Haul! I know you guys might get mad at me for saying the word "School" and for saying "back to school" but you have to go to school. My twin sister and I will be sophomores this year. We start school on Thursday, August 20th. :(

(BTW, I don't want to go back to school either.)

Let's get into it!

1. Black pens from the brand Bic. There are 12 pens in the pack. I will be splitting these up with my little sister who is going into 6th grade. 
2. Pencils from Bic. There are 26 pencils in the pack. Again, my little sister and I will be dividing these up.
3. Colorful pens. I love writing in my planner with fun colored pens and I love taking notes with these pens, too. It just makes taking notes a little bit more exciting.
4. I only got 3 notebooks because I'm still not sure how many I need.
5. Binder paper. Just because it's an essential. 
6. Expanding File from Five-Star. I thought this can just be my homework folder thing. 
7. One binder from the Pink Chandelier brand and it is just this pink flower pattern and I love it so much. 

That's it! I didn't get that many school supplies because I had some of the supplies at home from last year. If you guys are wondering when Ruby's school supplies haul will be up, it will be up soon (before Thursday) so make sure you look out for that. 

I hoped you guys enjoyed reading this post and I'll talk to you guys later!



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