Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What's in my Purse?! Fall 2015 (Neena)

Hi, guys! Today I have a 'What's in my Purse?!' for you all. My purse is from Kohl's. It is just white and has colorful butterflies on it. It is a cross-body bag. I actually got this in the summer. I think I got it in 2013. Maybe in 2012. I'm not sure. I have been using this purse ever since then and it's in great shape! Let's get into it!

My purse has 5 pockets and two of them have a flap that covers them. In the first pocket I have my phone. It is the Samsung Galaxy S5. My case is a hot pink case and it is from Target.

In the next pocket I keep a number of things. This pocket actually has built-in space that you can put your cards in so you don't have to carry a bulky wallet around. The first thing in this pocket is my keys and on my keys I have two keys that are for some random notebook that I got for my 13th birthday. I have no idea where the notebook is now. Next on my keys, I have my flash drive. On this I just save projects that I need to go print at the Fedex Store. So that is very convenient. Then on my keys, I have a key that is for the lock that I used for my pe locker in middle school.  Next I have my house key and lastly I have a small card for my public library that you can put on your keys and use that to check out books if you don't have your actual card.

In the same pocket I have my sunglasses. I don't remember where they are from. Sorry but they are white and hot pink. I also keep a pen in that pocket because you never know when you will need a pen. Now as for my cards, I have my hospital card for when I go to a doctor's appointment. I have some gift cards and some business cards from people. I would have my school i.d. in here but I need it for school obviously.

The last three pockets are not covered with the flap. In the first pocket I have some Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets and I need these for hot days especially right now because here in California we are having a heat wave currently. Luckily, the weather guy said that the heat wave should end on Friday because we have a storm coming. Yikes.

In the next pocket I have a lotion and its the Paya Organics lotion and it smells like papaya. Next I have my EOS lip balm in mint. This would also be in my school bag but I just have it in my purse for the sake of this post. I also have some tissues.

There is another pocket inside this one so I just have two lip products. The first is a lip gloss from Estee Lauder. It's in 'Magnificent Mauve' and I also have a lip stick from the brand 'NYC' and it is in 'Flirty'.

Now in the last pocket I have my headphones. They came with my mom's iPhone 5S and I took them. I don't like the headphones that came with my phone. Next I just have some dental floss and it is in mint. My favorite. Lastly, in this pocket I just have a white hair clip that my cousin gave me when we were in India last year. This is great for when I want to put my hair up.

That's all I have in my purse. My purse is completely empty now. Time to put everything back in. My least favorite. I'll see you guys.