Friday, October 30, 2015

OOTW: Homecoming Week

Hi, guys! Happy Homecoming! This week was Homecoming Week for us so obviously we had to have spirit week! Monday was “More Sleep Monday”, Tuesday was “Team Day Tuesday”, Wednesday was “What are Those? Wednesday”, Thursday was “Thriller Thursday”, and today was “Blue and Gold Day”. Let’s get into it!

More Sleep Monday:
My pajamas are from Ross and my flip-flops are from Target. I didn’t do anything special with my hair. I just wore it in a loose bun.

Team Day Tuesday:
I wore a V-neck from VS Pink. My jacket was a San Jose Earthquakes jacket. Let’s go Quakes! :) My jeans are from Forever 21 and for shoes I wore my Ugg boots. My hair was down.

What are Those? Wednesday:
On this day we had to dress tacky. It was pretty much the Wednesday version of “Tacky
Tuesday”. On this day I wore a flannel which was from Target. My shirt was from Forever 21. My shorts are from Nike, my shoes are my Converse and I wore mismatched socks.

Thriller Thursday:
On this day we got to wear our Halloween costumes. For Halloween this year I’m an Indian dancer. Everything I wore on this day was from India.

Blue and Gold Day:
Today is Homecoming!! We either got to wear our class shirts or wear any type of blue and gold. I wore my class shirt. Let’s go Class of 2018! Yesss!!! lol My jeans are from Urban and for shoes I wore my Vans.

That’s it! Happy Homecoming, guys! I can’t wait to find out who won Homecoming King and Queen!!! A bunch of my friends (the ones that were seniors obviously) but I could only vote for one king and queen. :( I can’t wait till they announce it! Yayyyy!! Bye!!


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