Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Haul 2016 | Neena

Hi, everyone! Today I have my haul for spring of 2016. I pretty much went to all the usual stores. You know Zara, Victoria’s Secret, etc? Let’s get into the haul! It’s pretty long. :)

Victoria’s Secret:
The first thing I got was a bralette. The bralette is just a really light pink color like a blush color and it has lace. I also got a nice silk hot pink robe.

Marc Jacobs:
From Marc Jacobs, I got a new wallet. The wallet is black on the outside and baby pink on the inside. I am literally in love with it. Everything that I need can fit inside. It fits in my crossbody purses. It’s literally wallet goals. :)

Forever 21:
The first thing that I got from Forever 21 was a cropped black tank top. I also got two bralettes. They both are the same style. They are just in different colors. The first one is black and the second one is in white. The backs  are so cool. I love wearing bralettes. They are just so comfy and they go with everything. The last thing I got from Forever 21 was just a plain old white racerback tank top.

The first thing from Zara is a white tee. You can never go wrong with one. It’s kind of see-through so I will wear a tank top underneath. The next thing I got was a black v-neck. V-neck shirts are amazing. They look good with everything. The last thing I got was a olive colored top. It’s shorter in the front and longer in the back.

That’s it! Maybe you guys might buy some of the pieces I talked about above. Maybe not. Let me know if you would like more hauls. We would love to do more hauls. We pretty much go shopping a lot. and I’ll see you next time!



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