Tuesday, April 5, 2016

OOTW: BOTC Week 2016 | Ruby

Hi, guys! BOTC was a week ago. If you don’t know what BOTC is, it stands for “Battle of the Classes”. That’s where the seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen compete against each other. The seniors won but it was still super fun. The whole week was spirit week. Neena and I participated everyday. This post will be about what we wore on each day. Also we have a very special announcement at the end so keep reading for that. Let’s get into it!

Monday, 3/21/16: More Sleep Monday
I wore my hair in a messy top knot. My head-band was from Target. My yoga pants were from Victoria’s Secret. My shirt was from Target And for shoes I wore my Uggs.
Tuesday, 3/22/16: Twin Day
I twinned with my friend Emily. I wore my hair down. My white tank was from Target. My leather jacket was from Dress Up Boutique. My jeans were from Forever 21. For shoes I just wore my black Vans.  

Wednesday, 3/23/16: Formal Day
We were told to dress formal. This day was actually my favorite day of the whole week. Well except Friday because that’s when the actual BOTC event was. Anyways, I wore my hair down and curled. My purple-pinkish color dress is from American Eagle. Since it was low cut in the front and on the sides, I wore a light pink bandeau from Nordstrom underneath. For shoes I wore my pink-red wedges from Old Navy.      

Thursday, 3/24/16: Blackout Day
I wore my hair up in a high ponytail. I wore black v-neck shirt from Target with some black jeans from Forever 21. For shoes I wore my black Converse.    

Friday, 3/25/16: Class Color Day
Friday was a Class Color Day where we wore our class color. The color for the Class of 2018 (my class) is red. The student council got shirts made for each class. I wore my class BOTC shirt with some shorts from Forever 21. My shoes were some white tennis shoes. I wore my hair down curled. Our sister class this year are the juniors and it’s kind of a tradition to wear some of your sister class’s color. So I wore a headband that blue since the juniors’ color was blue. I wore this same outfit to the actual BOTC that night.
That’s it! We had so much fun the whole week. Especially Friday night. :) I’ll see you guys next time.


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