Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dancing with the Stars: Week 6 | Neena & Ruby

Hi, guys! Today we have our thoughts for week 6. We know we said we’d have this post up a while ago but we just haven’t had the time to watch the episode in one sitting because we have been really busy. Anyways, let’s get into!

Kim & Sasha:
The first couple to perform were Kim and Sasha. Kim got an injury above her ankles caused by all the constant bouncing. She wanted to hide the injury and continue the show but Sasha found out and he took Kim to the doctor. The scans showed “indication of stress fractures” in Kim’s legs. The doctor told her to skip rehearsals but Kim didn’t stop. Kim and Sasha’s costumes were amazing. The costumes that the troupe dancers wore were also amazing. The dance itself was awesome. We love how Kim didn’t stop dancing considering her injury. She just kept going. The dance was a terrific opening to the show. We disagree with Carrie Ann, though. Kim had a lot of energy. But for the second part of what she said, we do agree. Kim did give it her all despite her injury. The final score was 24/30.

Von & Whitney:
Von and Whitney got the song “Bad” by Michael Jackson which is amazing. We felt like the dance was kind of like a tribute to Michael. The costumes and the set went really well with the song. The entire theme fit the song. We agree with Bruno. The dance and theme were very badass!! Carrie Ann was definitely right. Von literally turned into Michael. He took all of the energy, feelings, etc. that Michael had and used them so everyone who was watching the dance go the feeling of the actual music video for the song. But everything had Von’s own spin on it. IT WAS AMAZING!! The final score was 24/30. In all honestly, we feel that they should have gotten at least 26/30.

Jodie & Keo:
Jodie and Keo got “Try” by Pink. Jodie got an injury in rehearsals. Keo landed on Jodie’s ankle while they were practicing a very hard move. Luckily nothing was broken. The costumes and set were almost like the ones in the music video. It definitely fit the theme of the song. We love how determined Jodie was even though she got hurt while rehearsing. The final score was 25/30 but we felt the score should have been higher.

Paige & Mark:
One thing we loved about the dance was how they included Paige’s athleticism. The costumes were amazing especially Paige’s. The ending was amazing. That toss, though. We love Paige’s ending pose. The duck face and peace sign were a nice touch. We agree with Carrie Ann. Everything was spot on. Everything was precise. The final score was 28/30. We’re so happy that Len gave them a ten.   

Nyle & Peta:
The costumes were amazing. We especially loved Peta’s hair and outfit. We think it went nicely with The dance was a Quickstep. We disagree with all of the judges. They said Nyle messed up. It’s always kind of hard to dance and when you have a mask on. Nyle had one on and we think he did the best he could with the mask and all. The final score was 25/30.

Ginger & Val:
We were so happy that they got the song “Nasty” by Janet Jackson. We loved the costumes. We loved the whole badass look. It went well with the song. The whole dance was amazing. “It was more tasty than nasty” in the words of Len. The final score was 24/30. We think Ginger and Val deserved more than a 24. The dance was amazing. The set was amazing and so were the costumes. The entire performance was amazing!!

Doug & Karina:
As two Indians, we think that the dance wasn’t true Bollywood. To be honest, we didn’t like the costumes, the dance, and the music. The final score was 21/30 which we think is kind of okay. But it was okay.

Wayna & Lindsay:
The song that Wayna and Lindsay got was “Bye Bye Bye” by NSYNC and we were totally fangirling because we love this song. We were literally singing along. The costumes were amazing. We loved the whole all black look. The dance was amazing. Jazz is a great dance and it went fine with the song. The final score was 29/30. We think they deserved a 30/30. Len gave them a 9. We thought that Len’s 10 paddle was missing.

Antonio & Sharna:
Antonio and Sharna got “Footloose”. The costumes and set were perfect for the song and the dance they got was Jive which was also perfect for the song. The ending was AMAZING!! The final score was 27/30. We think the score should have been higher. Antonio didn’t give up at all despite what Sharna said in the package in Week 5 about who she thought was going to win the competition. He just came back BOOMIN’!!

The first couple in jeopardy was Paige and Mark. We started booing. Doug and Karina were the second couple who were in jeopardy. The last couple was Von and Whitney. This time we booed HELLA LOUD. The couple eliminated was Doug and Karina.

That’s it, guys! We hope you enjoyed this and we’ll let you know when Week 7 and Week 8 will be up!


Ruby & Neena

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