Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Makeup Dupe Wednesday: 5/25 | Ruby & Neena

Hi, everyone! Today we have another Makeup Dupe Wednesday. This week’s dupe is lipsticks! The brands we’ll be talking about today are MAC and Rimmel. Let’s get into!
Both lipsticks are beautiful. They are both incredibly creamy and are virtually the same shade of nude! But, of course, the Rimmel Lipstick is much more affordable and can be found at your local drugstore.


That’s it, guys! Just a heads up. We have a lot of posts planned so stay tuned for those. We will be pre-writing them since we are in our last few weeks of school and finals are coming up in 2 weeks. Also we have a wedding to go to in the summer and the wedding is on the first day of summer vacation. The jago is on the night of the last day of school so stay tuned for outfit posts. That’s all for now! We’ll see you next time!


Neena and Ruby

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