Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Makeup Dupe Wednesday: 6/22

Hi, people! Today we have another Makeup Dupe Wednesday. This week’s dupe is highlighting products! The brands we’ll be talking about are MAC and Elf. Let’s get into!
Both highlight products are incredible! They’re very close in color and both provide a beautiful, dewy glow! But the Elf highlight is much more affordable and can be found in virtually any drug store!


That’s it, guys! We’re going to Canada for 3 weeks. We’re actually leaving this Saturday after our brother’s competition. But we’ll be explaining it all in another post which will definitely be up before Saturday. Anyways, so if you guys don’t see any posts up in the next 3 weeks you’ll know it’s because we’re on vacation. We’ll see you guys later!

Ruby and Neena

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