Sunday, August 14, 2016

Back to School Clothing Haul 2016 (RUBY)

Hi, guys! Today I have my back to school clothing haul! We start school this Wednesday. On the 17th. I wish we didn’t have to go to school so early. Anyways, we went to a lot of store so let’s get into it!

Brandy Melville:
  • The first thing was very basic. I got a couple of bandeaus. I got a white one and then I got a black one.
  • The 1st top I got is a cute pink floral top and it’s low cut. I can wear this over a pencil skirt or jeans. Anything like that.
  • The 2nd top I got is a gray tank top with a heart dreamcatcher on it. I just think it’s adorable.
  • The 3rd one is button down melon colored top. The back is open so obviously I would wear a tank top under this.
  • Next I got a white cardigan and these are really thin so these will be great for when it’s not super cold obviously. The white one has buttons and pockets. I got this one just to wear over tank tops and shirts like that and then I also got a black one because I didn’t wanna be wearing like one of them every single day so I’ll be alternating these 2.

Free People:
  • The first thing I got is super bright and fun. It’s this scarf that has like pom-poms. It’s green, pink, yellow, and white. It’s just gonna be fun and I think it’s going to be a nice statement piece. It’s light scarf so I’ll be transitioning it into the fall. I thought it was really unique.
  • I got some pants and I’m really obsessed with them. It’s a floral pair of skinny jeans. I just thought they were so feminine and cute. I can’t wait to wear them.

  • The first thing I got was a necklace. It has black triangles. It’s really kind of an edgy, pretty piece. I think I’m gonna get a lot of use out of this piece for back to school.
  • Next I got a sweater and I’m not gonna be wearing this for a few months just because it is kind of a more warm and heavy sweater but I thought it was so cute and it was on sale. It’s just this white sweater and then it has pink quotation marks at the top and the bottom.

Necessary Clothing:
  • I got a few belts. The first one is this light pink belt and it has a gold clasp. It’s just really basic but it will be nice for skirts. Next I got a white one and it has some gold detailing. The last belt I got was this brown color and then it has gold studding all across it.
  • I got some tops. The first one was a bright orange coral-y color and it has a fun collar and some gold studding down the middle. It’s also high-low. Next I got this top that’s a blush color with a really cute black collar. The last top I got is just this basic sheer black top but then it has layer of black collar at the top but then underneath that it has a layer of pointy white collar with gold studs.
J Crew:
  • I got one thing. I got the pixie pants in black. It’s a mix between a jegging and a legging.

  • I got one fashion item from Target and it’s this coral-y red peplum skirt. It has a zipper in the back and if it’s long enough I can wear it to school.

Forever 21:
  • I got a one top. The first one is this top that’s mint green with a cute light black tie in the front and a frilly collar.
  • Then I got a really basic tank top. It’s an ivory cami.

  • The first thing was an impulse buy and it’s just this hot pink bandeau with white hearts.
  • I got this tank top that’s coral and gold and it’s metallic. On the back it has this big sheer coral detailing.
  • I got this top that’s a cranberry colored lace top and then it has a taupe colored collar.
  • I got a tank top that’s pink and blue. It’s got a pocket and I love the bottom which has really pretty detailing and cut-outs.
  • The last tank top I got is this bright tank top and it has a floral pattern on the edges.

That’s it, guys! I really hope you enjoyed reading this. My back to school supplies haul will be up tomorrow along with my OOTW for week 3 in Canada. My back to school beauty haul will be up on Tuesday with my last OOTW for my last week in Canada. Make sure to look out for those!


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