Sunday, August 14, 2016

Outfits: Week 2 in Canada (RUBY)

Hi, guys! Today I have my OOTW for the second week of our vacation in Canada. Also we were in Canada until July 21st so you have many more OOTWs to come. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, 7/2/16:
I wore my hair down curled. My blue shirt is from Jac Vanek. My black ripped jeans are from LF. My bralette is from Free People. My shoes are some black Vans.

Sunday, 7/3/16:
I wore my hair down with my bangs pinned back. My plaid dress is Purrr LA. My bralette is from Free People. My socks are from American Apparel and my black boots are from UNIF.

Monday, 7/4/16:
This day was obviously 4th of July and it was also supposed to rain in the afternoon. Anyways, I wore my hair down. My white sweater is from Pacsun. My black shirt is from Target. My white polka dot jeans are from Marc Jacobs. My shoes are black Toms.   

Tuesday, 7/5/16:
I wore my hair in a ponytail. My blouse is from Forever 21. My gray cardigan is from Urban Outfitters. My pearl earrings are from Forever 21. My burgundy colored pants are from H&M and my shoes are from Forever 21.   

Wednesday, 7/6/16:
I wore my hair straightened. My black shirt is from Wilfred. My white cardigan is from Hot & Delicious. My jeans are from Forever 21 and my booties are from Steve Madden.

Thursday, 7/7/16:
I wore my hair down. My hot pink cropped sweater is from H&M. My patterned pants are from Nordstrom. My nude flats are from Tory Burch.
Friday, 7/8/16 (Part 1 of the Engagement Ceremony):
Friday was part 1 of the engagement event for my cousin and her fiance. But before everyone got dressed in their suits and stuff, we were in pretty chill outfits. I had my hair in a bun. My lipstick jumper is from Wildfox. My black leggings are from Macy’s. My black combat boots are from Nine West. After the chill morning, we started getting ready for the gurdwara. For that, I wore my hair in a ponytail. For earrings, I wore my orange feather earrings that are from a store in Calgary. My suit was from a store here in the city I live in and for shoes I wore my punjabi jutti from India.

That’s it, guys! Part 2 of the engagement event was the next day. It was a party at my cousin’s house and that will be in the next OOTW for week 3 in Canada.


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