Sunday, January 15, 2017

OOTW: 12/22/16 - 12/24/16 (RUBY)

Hi, guys! I know this late but this will be a post about my outfits for the first 3 days of winter break. Our winter break was about 2 weeks so I’ll have posts about my outfits for the entire winter break and then also the first week of school which was this week. Anyways, let’s get into it!

Thursday, 12/22/16:
I wore my hair down. My silver hoops are from Forever 21. My green tank top is from Target. My brown leather jacket is from Newlook. My black leggings are from Macy’s and my black uggs are from Target.

Friday, 12/23/16:
I wore my hair down. I wore a floral white shirt from Target. Over that I wore a sheer teal button down shirt and over that I wore a pink cardigan type thing from Forever 21. My jeans were from American Eagle. My butterfly cross body purse is from Khol’s. My peace sign necklace is from Walmart. My charm bracelet was a birthday present and for shoes I wore my black converse.

Saturday, 12/24/16:
I wore my hair down. My velvet mesh peplum top is from H&M. My jeans are from American Eagle. My black pointed toe booties are from Urban Planet. My hoop earrings are from Forever 21.  

I hope you enjoyed reading this!



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