Saturday, January 21, 2017

Three Baby Pink Nail Polishes You Must Have (NEENA)

Hi, guys! Basically I’m a sucker for a pale pink nail color. It’s classy, sophisticated, but still young. I have a few colors that I wear on rotation and I thought I’d write about my favorites. Let’s get into it!

First I have my all time favorite. It’s the Essie Nail Polish in “Fiji”. It’s the perfect mix of white and pink. I apply two coats and then a quick dry top coat. After I apply a non chip topcoat and then I’m done. It lasts for a good week.

Next we have the Nails Inc Nail Polish in “Mayfair Lane”. It’s definitely a little bit darker than “Fiji”. I apply one coat of a base coat. Then two coats of the actual nail polish. Then I apply one coat of a top coat.

My other favorite pale pink Essie is “Minimalistic”. It’s a pale pink which is slightly less white than “Fiji”. It’s a thinner base, but still looks really good after two coats.

This post was probably very hard to get to the point of if you’re not a fan of pink nail polish, but if you’re like me then you definitely need all three for your collection because they’re all different. Trust me on this one.

That’s it, guys! I’ll talk to you next time!



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