Monday, March 27, 2017

Updated Social Media | Ruby

Hi, guys! Today I have an updated post on all our social media. Our last one is outdated since we either have new accounts/made separate accounts for our blog or got accounts for new social media apps. Also we have new readers now so we needed to make a new one for them. Let’s get into it!

Our Instagram username is beautyguru44 so go follow us if you want to get updates on our lives and updates on the blog.

Our Twitter username is the same as Instagram. This account is where we update you on the blog and tweet random things.

This account is my friend, Keert’s. She is the only one who runs it. Add her as a friend. She will also be taking over the posts about books. I will no longer be writing those posts. She will. We’ll explain more in the next post going up which will actually be her first post. Goodreads doesn’t allow you to search people, though, so here’s the link:

Our snapchat username is fashion_gurl277 so you can see Snapchats about our lives and more. The account is under mine name since I decided to make mines public.

As of right now, we don’t have a Facebook page for this blog. We have personal Facebook accounts but we don’t have something for this blog. We might make one in the future. We might not.

That’s all the social media we have! I know it’s not a lot but still we spend a ton of time on all of them so for now we’re good on social media. :)


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