Sunday, April 2, 2017

March Wrap-up 2017 (KEERT)

Hi, guys! I'm Keert and I’ll be writing all the posts that have to do with books. Ruby will be no longer doing those posts since she realized she loves fashion and beauty a little bit more than books. However, she and Neena decided they still want to have blog posts going up about books so they decided that I will be doing them from now on. I’ll be posting just as much as Ruby and Neena do. I’ll be reviewing books, doing hauls, etc.

Anyways, today I have my March wrap-up. I didn’t really read that many books this month since I was busy with school and stuff. I was also kind of in a reading slump. I hope April will be a much better month for reading. Also from now on I’ll try to have individual reviews for these books as well. Those reviews will go more in-depth. Let’s get into!

Lost and Found by Anne Schraff:
This book is about a girl named Darcy Wills. Her family is going through some rough times. Her father left them, her grandmother is very sick, and her younger sister is acting out. Later a mysterious stranger starts following her and then someone leaves a threatening note on her desk and then her sister disappears. Honestly, I just couldn’t get into this book. I lost interest near the beginning of the story. To me the story was just boring. I didn’t give it any rating on Goodreads.

Paper Towns by John Green:
I think most people know what this book is about. It’s about a girl named Margo who “runs away’’. She leaves “clues” to where she is for the neighbor Quentin. Quentin follows the clues but learns that Margo wasn’t the girl he thought he knew. This book was really good. At first I couldn’t get into it but when Quentin started finding the clues I started reading more and more. I gave it a 4/5 stars on Goodreads.

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith:
This was my first Jennifer E. Smith book that I’ve ever read. This book is about a girl named Hadley Sullivan who is 17. She misses her flight to London for her dad’s second wedding. While she’s waiting for the next flight, she meets Oliver, a British boy who’s sitting in her row. After a long night on the airplane, Hadley and Oliver lose each other in the chaos at the airport after they arrive. Will they be able to find their way back to one another? I gave this book 5/5 stars. It was a romantic and adorable story. I really loved the story.

That’s it, guys! I only read 3 books this month. I’m hoping I’ll have more than 3 books for my April wrap-up. We’ll see!



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