Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Perfect for Date Night: They're Real Double The Lip Lipsticks (NEENA)

Benefit has a new lipstick range. They are part of They’re Real range, meaning that the range now consists of mascara, eyeliner, eye makeup remover, eyeshadow, and now lipstick.

The packaging is very similar to the They’re Real eyeliners. Very sleek, metallic, and with a twist bottom to distribute the product. There are 8 colors to the range which range from bright pinks to nudes which means there should be a perfect shade for everyone. I can imagine that maybe Benefit are going to expand on the color range at some point, but for now have released a good mix of colors.

The shades are: Nude Scandal, Revved Up Red, Juicy Berry, Pink Thrills, Lusty Rose, Fuchsia Fever, Criminally Coral, and Flame Game. I think Nude Scandal is my favorite but all of the colors are very wearable, even the bright Flame Game.

So what is the whole double the lip thing? Well let me tell you…

So basically the whole thing about these is that they are both a lip liner and lipstick in one. I know right? They have a special tear drop shape meaning that the lipstick effortlessly fills in your lip and meaning you could probably apply these without even needing a mirror. The shape of the lipstick and the combination of the colors are to help plump your lips naturally and speaking on behalf of someone who’s top lip is pretty non existent, I have to say this sounds right up my street.

I did find applying the lipsticks to be incredibly easy, and the shape of the lipstick meant that it was easy for me to create a fuller lip for myself, which is what I try to achieve with lip liner. So yes, my lips did seem fuller. I like the fact that the lipstick has 2 colors, as I feel the darker color which is the lip liner helps to accentuate your lips and does give the effect like you’ve spent a while lining and filling in your lips when really it’s taken about 2 seconds. I can imagine that the brighter colors would create a great ombre effect, which again would look like you’ve spent ages doing but, in fact, did in about 10 seconds.

The formula is semi matte which means the lipsticks aren’t drying on your lips at all. The colors are supposed to be 8 hour long wear which I do feel is a little bit of an exaggeration. However I feel like the color does grip onto your lips for a good couple of hours. They seem to last pretty well through drinking, and after eating the color hasn’t completely disappeared and it does give my lips the illusion that they are still lined. So that is pretty impressive.

I do like the range though, and I think it’s a clever idea. I am pretty sure that Nude Scandal will a firm favorite of mine for the foreseeable future.

You can find the lipsticks at your local Benefit stockist and on the Benefit website too.

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