Monday, June 26, 2017

6 Highlighters that You Need in Your Makeup Bag (NEENA)

We need to talk. We need to talk highlighters. Ah I love those shiny, pearly powders and creams that surprisingly get my heart in a flutter that no other makeup item can. Why am I so obsessed with highlighters you may ask? Well duh because they make your face look like it's been carved by an angel that's why.

Alright I'm exaggerating. No one has ever said to me “your highlighter makes your face look like it's been carved by an angel”. I mean maybe a drunk angel perhaps but no. Anyway, highlighter makes my face look a bit better. It adds a new dimension and I'm kinda obsessed. Recently, I have found some goodies so I've been a bit selfish and kept them to myself for a few months but no today I'm letting you into my highlighter faves and you are in for a treat.

Let's start with the ultimate highlighter bae right now. Tbh I hate myself for saying bae and I have no idea why it happened so let's just forget about it and move on. But the Anastasia Glow Palette makes me go all funny. It does stuff to me that no other highlighter has before. That Glow is a palette which contains four highlighters. It's a pretty big palette and I will now guard this palette with my life. My faves from the palette are “Dripping In Gold” and “Sunbeam”. I tend to spray my highlighter brush with makeup setting spray and then boom. My highlighter is on fleek. It's 100% worth the price tag and all the hype. I AM OBSESSED.

My next love is Becca's Champagne Pop. Everyone went a bit bananas for this last summer when it was released. I made sure it was at the top of my NYC shopping list and a year later I have basically used it all up. It's a peachy warm color which is SO pigmented. I love it so much and literally put it over any highlighter cause I am a bit of an animal. It's buttery and just worth the hype. I need more Becca highlighters in my life though. I think I’ll try Opal next.

Next we've got two cream highlighters which are perfect for putting under your foundation. These give you a glow that 2012 Millie Mackintosh would beat you down for. The NYX Illuminator and Nars illuminator are very, very similar. They could almost be twins. They are like Jason and Charles DiLaurentis let's just say. I have the colors “Gleam” and “Cocopabana” and they are a pearly pink color. They just add a little more glow and dewiness to foundation. Love, love love.

For a more subtle glow, I've been turning to the highlighter from my Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette which bit the dust this week. This highlighter is a champagne gold color and it's perfect for making your skin look a bit perkier and glowier. It makes you look like you're not wearing highlighter but you just have really good skin. It's great for day to day wear. However the price not so much. But I am tempted to buy a new one because it's such a good bronzer/highlighter and mine is almost two years old so that's not too bad going.

Finally I'm gonna finish with two drugstore highlighters which are pretty amazing. The Barry M Strobe Cream Illuminators are what I have been waiting for a drugstore brand to release for about four years. Boy they were worth the wait. They are creamy, pigmented, and just a dream. They give you a gorgeous glow and just make you look so dewy and fresh. “Iced Bronze” is my fave from the two but they are so good. They don't go cakey or look too disco ball like. They are perfect. They're very hard to track down though but they are so worth the hunt for them and just yes bravo Barry M!

So these are my current highlighter faves. I can’t get enough and my new favourite hobby is “how much highlighter can I apply on my face before I start to look like the moon?” Very fun.

What's your fave highlighter?



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