Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Budget Fake Tan You Need In Your Life (NEENA)

It's not often that I whip up quick posts like this, but today I felt compelled to write about my new fake tan that I am simply in awe of. Usually when it comes to reviews, I take my sweet time. However, today it's Saturday and I'm currently typing this out while I drink my Starbucks and I was like ‘I need to write about this tan’. So here we are.

I've been fake tanning for the best part of 5 years, so that means that over the past 5 years at least once a week I tan myself up to look like I've just returned from a three week vacation and wake up the next morning feeling all bronzed. However, fake tan can be a cruel mistress and no matter how long you've been tanning you still can make mistakes. Fake tan doesn't care if you've done this a million times before and I guess that's perhaps why people stay away from it.

However, if you aren't easily scared like me (well I lie, I AM easily scared) but what I mean is you're not easily put off by fake tan. I mean I have had some fake tan disasters in my time. There was the time that I tanned my legs and ankles very badly which lead to some people shouting 'ORANGE LEGS' as I walked down the street. That wasn't very pleasant. Or the time when I managed to fake tan my whole hand but forgot my left thumb.

I feel like there isn't a perfect fake tan out there. Every fake tan has it's flaws and well my main checklist for a good fake tan is as follows; 1. has to be dark 2. smells quite nice 3. is quick and easy to apply 4. doesn't make your white sheets look like you've had a 'Bridesmaids' incident 5. doesn't fade after one day and 6. doesn't fade patchy.

Okay I think that's it. It's also a bonus if a fake tan doesn't cost a fortune. I may as well pay for a vacation otherwise.

One of my cousins from the UK recently sent a bottle of the Sunkissed Bronze Professional Moisturising Medium Dark Tan which is a bit of a mouthful, let's be honest. Anyways, I'd never tried the brand before but was intrigued after seeing the press releases which claimed it didn't color transfer onto sheets, clothes or the floor. I was in.

I wasn't holding out much hope when I first used it and was surprised when a white liquid came out. It was like just spraying moisturiser onto my body. This has a pro and con. The pro is that it's so easy to apply and dries so quickly. You will feel like you don't have tan on. The con is that there's no guide color meaning it's quite easy to miss where you've tanned which means that you could leave yourself with a white thumb like I've done before.

I put on just one layer because tbh I was really tired and wanted to get into bed. However when I woke up, I'd forgotten I'd even put a tan on because I didn't feel sticky at all and I am pleased to report that my bed sheets looked perfectly white still and guess what? I was left with a dark tan.

Say what.

I know. It all seems too good to be true right?

Well there is a couple of flaws sadly, 1. the smell isn't amazing, it's not the worst I've used but you can smell fake tan on yourself the next day, which I'm not too bothered about, but it's not all coconuts and roses and 2. it has gone a little patchy on my chest buttttt everything else is a big YES from me:

It's cheap (currently only £6 from Superdrug), it's dark, it's easy to apply, it doesn't ruin your bedsheets, and it stays dark for a good few days.

I have to say that I am very impressed. I hadn't heard much about Sunkissed before but I think I have a new favorite fake tan. Yes really.

Of course it's still early days in our relationship but I am liking how things are going so far and I'm so impressed I wanted to write this post. So if you like a good fake tan, then I'd try this.

I've tried this twice now and I am seriously so impressed. I feel like my tan this past week has looked the most natural that it has in ages. I genuinely feel like I've just come back from vacation. So a big thumbs up from me Sunkissed.

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