Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Favorite Essie Colors (NEENA)

Essie is probably up there as my all time favorite nail polish brand. There's just so much to choose from and they're one of the longest lasting nail colors on my nails. Usually nail colors will literally chip by me just looking at them but Essie always seems to be a little more hard-wearing. Over the past few years, I've been steadily adding to my Essie collection. I mean after all they are $8.50 a bottle so you can’t be too spendy these days.

However, I sorted through my collection the other week and thought I'd make a post all about my faves so in case you're thinking of having a little treat soon, then I've got you covered!

Also I just have to put in a little side note but Fiji is also up there in my fave Essie nail polishes. It's just that I've run out of it and need to get a new bottle soon but if you want an opaque white/pink then that is your ticket!

Minimalistic: This is probably my fave Essie polish right now. It's a thick baby pink color which looks amazing on your nails.

Blossom Dandy: This was part of the Spring Collection in 2015 and it was at the top of my list of what to buy when I went to Calgary last summer. It's an aqua blue/mint color which is one of my faves for Spring/Summer.

Cocktail Bling: I love this cool toned blue grey. I think it's a little different to many other colors I own. It's quite sophisticated and is nice with a silver glitter in the Christmas/winter time. I'm pretty sure it's part of the main collection and it doesn't really look much in the bottle but it's definitely one of my favorite winter Essie colors.

Muchi Muchi: Oh look another pale baby pink! I like this one as it's a slightly more sheer and gives you a really nice manicured finish to your nails. It's got a wide brush which I always find makes painting your nails a bit easier. It's also not as thick as Fiji so it's a bit easier to apply. You could apply one coat to just have a swash of color or build it up to two or three coats for a more opaque color.

Mint Candy Apple: I had to include this color as it was the first Essie I ever bought. It's very similar to Blossom Dandy but not as bright. MCA is a little more pastel-y. This is probably one of the most cult Essie colors so it should always be within the core line up. It's absolutely perfect for Springtime and looks amazing with a tan!

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