Sunday, July 16, 2017

Things To Do To Unwind In The Evening (NEENA)

So can someone please tell me where the weekend went please? One minute it was Friday and now here I am writing this up on Sunday watching Bride Wars.

Usually if I've been feeling particularly stressed, I will try to go to a fitness class in the evening as this is one way that I find is so good for destressing. I always feel so much better after getting out of the house and dancing around for an hour.

If I can't be bothered to exercise or when I come back and I still don't feel destressed, I find that having a bath always helps. I do say that a bath can pretty much solve anything. I have a basket of Lush bath bombs that I use and I always feel this makes me feel a little better. Recently, my fave has been the Twilight Bath Bomb which has ingredients such as lavender which is great for relaxing and unwinding.

I have trouble switching off so I have to watch something in the bath or I’ll literally just be stressing in a bath so I usually catch up with TV or Youtube. I'll also maybe use a face mask, wash my hair, and of course shave my legs so I feel like a silky dolphin when I get out.

After I’ve finished in the shower, I will pop on some PJS. I'm currently obsessed with some coffee ones from Forever 21 which are so me.

I love spending an evening catching up with missed TV shows or dedicating a few hours to Netflix. Wednesday nights used to be my fave since that's when I'd catch up with PLL but now that's finished I tend to watch reality TV such as Made in Chelsea. Mainly because they don't require a lot of thinking and means I can totally switch off. If the day has been really, really awful, I'll dig out one of my fave films and put my phone on airplane mode. If that happens though, you know that it's just best to not cross me.

I find that doing things such as painting my nails or maybe putting on a fake tan helps me feel so much better the next morning and like I have my life together. I also do things such as tinting my eyebrows, too.  I use the Ulta Brow Tint in Deep which you can get from Ulta obviously. The tint just helps to make my brows look a little more polished than normal and saves me having to fill them in every day!

I will also sometimes wax my upper lip which isn’t really glamorous or relaxing if I'm honest but if we're talking pamper routines then this is what I do sometimes.

Then before bed, I'll sit in bed and read which is really good to do if you have trouble switching off. I find it helps to take my mind off things that I'd been wound up about during the day and makes me feel more tired. Then fingers crossed, I head to bed feeling relaxed, chilled out, and ready for a good night’s sleep!

I think that having some time for yourself is so beneficial for you and your mental health. Sometimes you need some chill time and to just take time for you. There's no shame in that.

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