About us

Ruby, Keert, and Neena are three 16-year-old girls who love anything related to beauty, fashion, and books. They started this blog because they wanted to share their love of beauty, fashion, and books with the world. Their favorite posts to write are OOTWs and hauls, whether it's a haul for books or clothes. They LOVE shopping! They hope that you will enjoy this blog as much as they do. They hope that you will support and love it.

As for a little more about them, they are juniors in high school. In their free time they love to dance, go shopping (no surprise there), watch Pretty Little Liars (no surprise there again), and just be with their family, friends, and boyfriends. Not to mention this blog — this one of the biggest parts of their lives.

As for their futures, Ruby would like to be a social worker, Neena and Keert would both like to be midwives. They'll see where life takes them :)

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